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TurboTax 2020 Tax Software Options

Turbotax OnlineWhen your considering which electronic tax filing company to use, consider this: TurboTax has been and continues to be the #1 selling online electronic tax filing product on the market year after year. With top notch fully guided formatting and biggest refund guarantees, it's unlikely this will change anytime soon. Previous customers return every year to use these TurboTax electronic tax filing editions for easy tax preparation.

The free edition from TurboTax covers basic tax situations and offers the same error-checking, access to live chat, and biggest refund guarantee as paid editions do. If your taxes are complicated enough to warrant the use of a paid edition, you can upgrade at any time and your information that has already been entered will be transferred over to the new edition, allowing you to pick up right where you left off.

TurboTax offers a simple and easy-to-follow user friendly interface that is easy to navigate and offers lots of support files at your fingertips. The TurboTax step-by-step guidance asks you one question at a time to help you move smoothly through the tax preparation process.

TurboTax offers an endlessly growing library of support documents for use when preparing your taxes, and their system can help you get answers to your questions with one-on-one support if needed. Only your federal taxes and tax filing are included in the free edition – state tax filing costs an additional fee per state.

For more advanced support with schedules like C, D, E, or F, you will need and upgraded edition to file those items. TurboTax can import W-2 information directly from certain payroll providers.

H&R Block 2020 Tax Filing Options

H&R Block OnlineH&R Block is another great choice as a top selling brand for online filing. On top of that, HR Block continues to dominate the local tax preparation professional market with thousands of professionals around the country in local HR Block neighborhood offices convenient to anyone that prefers working with a tax professional instead of preparing taxes themselves.

With H&R Block at Home You can complete your basic online tax return preparation through H&R Block at Home for free even if your income is above $58,000. With this you receive many of the same great benefits as a paid user. Options include live tax help and the ability to import your W-2 forms – and, in the case of an audit, you may also receive free support from tax professionals. The free online edition includes e-filing at the federal level though state tax filing will cost extra.

You can use H&R Block’s free edition regardless of whether you meet the Free File qualifications or not. If you have additional items beyond a couple of W-2 forms, you may be required to use the paid edition.

Some participating H&R Block offices may also offer free in-person 1040EZ federal tax filing for very simple tax filing needs (no dependents, mortgage, or other deductionsy).

H&R Block At Home is a great choice for anyone who has used H&R Block’s in-person service before and is looking to save some money, since the program can easily load information from taxes filed at an H&R Block office in the past.

TaxAct Tax 2020 Filing Options

TaxACT is another option that offers free online federal tax preparation and e-filing for everyone, regardless of their age, income level, or the state they live in. As a free user, you will have access to many of the same benefits as a paid user, including live chat support.

TaxACT can also imports data from prior returns, even if they were prepared with other brands like TurboTax or H&R Block. If you want to complete your return on a non-Internet connected computer, you can buy a copy of the software on CD.

With TaxACT you get support for more than 160 IRS forms in the free edition, including Schedule A and Schedule C. Compared to other free software, it’s very comprehensive software  to use though the user experience can be a little more confusing than other top rated brands.

It is great for those who have more simplified tax filing needs and are comfortable doing more of the technical stuff themselves in exchange for saving some cash over more expensive brands.